About coating

Everyone likes to keeps his investment like the first day when it is brand new. Be it a car, motorcycle, yacht, mini-van, camper or private yet! We understands that you are looking for high quality products, which ensures that perfect finish every time. Our product range offers superb solutions for all types of surfaces: exterior and interior – no matter what you drive, ride!

To ensure that professionals can provide a service that their customers expect and deserve. Puris Europe designs its refinishing formulas specifically for body shops and 21stcentury paint systems (HS, MS, SRC).

Puris products are developed with leading-edge scientific technologies. And with decades of dedication and hands-on experience. We create premium quality products for use on motor vehicles, boats, planes and many other industrial needs.

The Puris guarantee

The Puris guarantee is simple: western technology born in the US and UK, offering speed and permanency of surface finish. Our products contain nothing but the highest quality materials, selected by us from the best sources around the world. From abrasives or chemical emulsion systems to our bottles and packaging, we use only the best – and most environmentally-friendly – options available.

Established in 1970 and with leading-edge expertise in compounds, polishes and detailing products, Puris has worked for decades to perfect our range of products.

Ceramic Coatings

Puris Ceramic coatings are designed to defend the painted surface against contaminants and prevent them from bonding to the surface by making the surface very hydrophobic. Additionally, they create a very hard shield to protect against minor scuffs and abrasions and are extremely durable in terms of protection, in some cases up to four years.

Puris delivers a broad range of ceramic coatings. These nano crystalline coatings protects vehicles from weather, chemicals and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants. Puris durable, 2-3 micron thick coatings are available in different hardnesses up to 9H and imparts a deep, reflective shine

Thoroughly tested and certified 

The Puris team has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and we use our thorough knowledge every day to develop and deliver products that will demonstrably protect and optimise your paint. We constantly test the durability and effectiveness of our products and even have external parties do the same.

We are very proud that both Boeing and the international SGS institute have extensively tested, confirmed and certified the properties of our products, giving you the guarantee that Puris Jade Ceramiccoating will provide long-lasting protection to your car.

REFERENCES: http://www.PurisEurope.eu