Car Wrap

Make your car stand out

Wrapping is a procedure consisting in the application of a vinyl model/design directly on the car/paint.

There are different types of car wrapping

–          Full wrap

–          Partial wrap

–          Design wrapping (stickers)

Advantages of wrap application

  • The wrap protects the original colour without damaging it
  • A total wrap protects the paint from decolouration due to sun exposure, against fine scratches, stone chip.
  • Your car value will be maintained throughout its life
  • If you would like to change the colour of your car, you can choose from a large variety of vinyl colours, from matte, shiny, metallic, glittering to textures like carbon, leather, camouflage etc. You may also choose to combine different colours and textures to make your car unique
  • The lifespan of vinyl is between 5 and 7 years, depending on how the car is maintained and where is it placed.


A total wrap can be achieved within 4 days, depending on the difficulty of the technique used, as well as on the car shape.

Wrapping procedure

  1. The car is washed and cleaned thoroughly
  2. The car is analyzed in order to detect possible scratches. These scratches must be repaired (with car owner’s consent) in order to achieve best results.
  3. Removal of the accessories which do not need to be wrapped, cleaning the spaces thoroughly (in these places there is a lot of dust and residues )
  4. Applying the vinyl on the desired surfaces.
  5. Putting back the accessories.
  6. Cleaning and inspecting the car, preparing it for delivery to the client.


Do not wash the car at least 3 days after it has been wrapped. In order to maintain the wrap in best condition you should have your car washed manually.

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